At the end of last week, I was nervously waiting outside the room until my name was called to come in a present my pitch. I found out that I achieved quite a high grade for the pitch and I was given the go ahead for producing a 7 minute documentary on the motherhood penalty and all aspects of it.

Here you can see my proposal handout for the pitch and what I plan to achieve in my radio documentary project.

Additional comments from the marker:

“Overall, a very good pitch on a project with very clear intentions; very good that you’ve narrowed it down to the financial consequences of giving up or halting a career in the pursuit of motherhood. A potential hazard is that your documentary may become ‘dry’ – you’ll definitely need good case studies to make it compelling.

You eventually answered the question on the need for balance; do not forsake any compelling audio because you can’t get a right of reply from the person or organisation being criticised. Ensure you make the best possible effort to represent fairly a divisive aspect. If you cannot, just let your listeners know that you’ve made the best possible effort.”



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